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Cornerstone Baptist Church, Rock Hill, South Carolina
Rev. Ron Roddey, Pastor

We would like to introduce you to
Cornerstone Bible College
1054 John St. Rock Hill. SC

Anyone may attend, You do not have to be a Preacher or Teacher
A refresher for Preachers and Teachers or just for someone interested in learning more about the Scriptures.

Monday nights from 6:30 PM until 9:00 PM.

Degrees available are ; Associate, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees of Bible/Theology.
Course prices are $150 per semester
Cornerstone members will be allowed a 25% discount.
Spouses of attendees will be allowed to attend and audit course free
Tuition can be paid weekly, monthly or at one time.

All materials, except one book per course, will come directly from the King James Bible.

Associate degree earned after 54 credit hours.
Bachelorís degree earned after 108 credit hours.
Masters degree earned after 125 credit hours.
Doctorate degree earned after 150 credit hours.

Extra credit hours will be allowed for Christian service work, such as teaching Sunday School, Nursing Home Ministry, Bus Ministry, Jail Ministry, etc.


1st semester will begin 01-09-2012 and go for 13 weeks.
Three 13 week semesters will constitute a year of study.
Semester 1 will be January-April.
Semester 2 will be April-July.
Semester 3 will be September-December.
There will be a break in December for Christmas and New Years.

Two courses of study:
1st hour-Doctrines of the Bible & The Study of God
7:00pm-7:50pm (3 credit hours per semester)

2nd hour-Early American Christian History
8:00pm-8:50pm (3 credit hours per semester)

8:50pm-9:00pm Open Discussion & Questions.

The two courses will be taught in a lecture fashion.  There will be class materials given each week and testing done on the following Monday (on the previous Monday's material).  Material presented on the 12th week will be tested upon the same evening.  The 13th week will consist of a final exam.  Exams will be True/False, matching, and essay questions.  An additional 3 credit hours can be earned per semester for Practical Christian Work during the week.

For more info please call Pastor Ron Roddey at 803-366-4996
or email



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Matthew 28:19



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